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Welcome to Angelfire Pyrotechnics!

Angelfire Pyrotechnics are a premier UK supplier of high quality fireworks and firework displays throughout the United Kingdom.

Angelfire Pyrotechnics are highly skilled in all aspects of pyrotechnic wizardry.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach paying particular attention to individual client requirements.

We are an  importer of fireworks, sourcing our products from around the world. This means that we are able to offer you a spectacular show at exceptional value for money.

Whether it is a hard hitting aerial bombardment, balanced multi-level or reduced noise show, our display department will design and create a fireworks display especially for you.

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Public Firework Displays

From Traditional November 5th Bonfire Night celebrations, to Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. Whatever your dream and whatever your budget we will endeavour to provide a firework display that exceeds expectations.


Corporate Event Displays

Angelfire Pyrotechnics has helped local, national and international businesses celebrate their events with extra panache and style.



Wedding Firework Displays

Fireworks now go hand in hand with booking the flowers, cake and photographer. Fireworks will add that extra sparkle to the bride and groom’s special day.                           



Pyromusical Firework Displays

The aim of a Pyro musical displays can create a unique magical performance combining your favourite music pieces with Fireworks in perfect time to the music, resulting in a dynamic yet delicate musical story.


Indoor Displays

From flame effects to gerbs, mines, comets, airbursts, saxons and robotics; Indoor pyrotechnics displays cover such a wide and diverse range of special effects - always inspiring us to come up with new and innovative ways to excite.


Special Effects & Stage Pyrotechnics

Angelfire Pyrotechnics have extensive knowledge in the field of stage pyrotechnics and special effects. We can provide indoor, outdoor and arena effects perfect for motion pictures, television, marketing events and product launches


Electrical & Computer Firing

All of our displays are electrically fired from a position that allows us to monitor and control the entire display. Our electrical, computer and radio controlled firing systems have been selected from leading international industry suppliers and represent the latest technologies.


Low Noise Displays

Sensitive locations may stipulate the need for reduced or low noise fireworks. Angelfire Pyrotechnics has developed a range of products to meet this demand, and are able to provide visually stunning displays within these environments. 


Laser Displays

We operate a number of state of the art laser display systems from single colour to full white light systems, suitable for weddings, clubs, corporate events and more.                                                                         



Fire Dragon Displays

If Firework noise is a concern then this is the system for you with no noise and no debris. Fire dragons are perfect for a high impact effect in a tight event site where perhaps a traditional Firework display is not suitable.


Trade Supplies

Angelfire Pyrotechnics import leading firework products from around the world – including America, Italy, Portugal and China. We supply many UK companies with professional fireworks.



A clear and concise site specific risk analysis is produced for every Angelfire Pyrotechnics display and work undertaken in accordance with relevant approved codes of practice and industry guidance.